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Package Property Editor

Project Description

This utility enables you to modify data flow properties for 2008 and 2008 R2 packages without having to open the package in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).  You can load packages that are stored in SQL Server or in a file system. In this release, the utility focuses on performance-related properties.

Typically, people don’t have development/Client tools like BIDS in their Production environments. This tool targets this environment.

The utility enables you to bulk update a property setting across data flows within a package, and across multiple packages. You save the modified packages to a folder on your machine.

In this release of the utility, you cannot do the following:

  1. Load packages that are protected by a password (protection level is set to EncryptAllWithPassword or EncryptSensitiveWithPassword).
  2. Load packages that are stored in the SSIS Package Store.


.NET Framework 3.5

SSIS 2008 or 2008 R2

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, XP, 2008, Vista, 2008

Features in Current Release

  • Load a package stored on a server.

  • Provide a username and password to connect to the server.

  • Load packages stored in a file system folder.

  • Select all of the packages, or specific packages, that you want to modify.


  • Edit the property values by typing a value in the Value field, and then clicking Apply changes to save the changes.

  • By default, the modified packages are saved to C:\Pkg\Modified on your machine. You can change the folder path by clicking the ellipsis button and selecting another folder.


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